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Autumn has arrived in Ohio

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You Don’t see That Everyday….

So, while I was driving this morning I saw a man in a full tuxedo, standing at the end of his driveway, talking to a trash bin. (No cell phone or bluetooth). Gesturing with both hands, the conversation looked quite lively.

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Diva and her first boyfriend sitting together at the football game.

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And So it Begins…..

Diva has her first boyfriend. It was adorable. He came and sat with us at the football game, shaking our hands and introducing himself. He asked for my permission to ask her out. It made her night, she is absolutely glowing. I love seeing my kids happy. He is a nice kid and I am happy for her.

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Dog Training

Diva: When I get old I want a dog and I am going to train him to play dead whenever someone farts.

Me: (Laughter)

Diva: Mom, I am being serious. Think about it….If they let a silent one go he could fall over playing dead to warn me and I could give him treats.

Me: I see one problem.

Diva: What?

Me: If your house has anyone like Daddy or your brother that poor dog would be playing dead so much he would never get to do anything else.

Diva: (Laughing) Oh yeah, good point.

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"My goodness it smells good in here."

Some little old lady in the bowling alley bathroom while Diva was taking a crap.

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Oh my goodness. Tonight in an attempt to put off going to bed Diva included jazz hands in her hugs! Too funny!!!

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So, we are fully staffed again (for now) on my shift at work. I had a few hours in which I actually looked forward to having an occasional day off. Of course one of the other managers from a different location found out I was going to have free time and tracked me down to ask me to cover open shifts at her group home.

Part of me LOVES the idea that I am so good at what I do that other managers ask for me specifically. If I took the hours than my manager, other managers, and corporate would all be super happy with me. (They already are though). The other part of me longs for sleep.

Ultimately my daughter, husband, and son all have birthdays coming soon AND Christmas is right around the corner. ALSO - I like having disposable income instead of living paycheck to paycheck. So, OF COURSE I took all the shifts she offered. Sleep and personal time is over rated anyways……

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"Mommy guess what Daddy told me he loves me… I can’t wait to start behaving for him."


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On Driving…..

Back when Diva was about 3 years old I had started back to work and been having her grandmother babysit. My mom would take her shopping and on all kinds of fun trips in the car. I didn’t think much of it.

My day off rolled around and I decided to take Diva to the movies. On the way to the theater a huge white truck turned out in front of us, cutting us off, and almost causing an accident. I gasped but didn’t say anything because little ears you know?

So, I calm down from the near miss. My heart rate slows back to normal and I am so proud for controlling my temper and not having road rage in front of my cute little diva. After a moment of this blessed silence her adorable little voice pipes up from the back seat.

"Mommy? " she asked.

"What sweetie?" I responded.

"Was he a jackass?"


(Blink. Blink.)

"Yes. Yes he was."

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